Tell The Tea Party To Take A Seat! by Russell Simmons

Published October 1, 2013 by leaveittogossip

Global Grind

Congressional Showdown As Government Shutdown LoomsFor the first time in seventeen years, the United States government has shut down.  Hundreds of thousands of families across this nation will be hurt by the inaction of a few politicians who have successfully hijacked their own party.  The Tea Party Republicans, led by Senator Ted Cruz, were able to close the doors of Congress, over their disagreement with the Affordable Care Act; a law that will provide healthcare for millions of Americans who have been living their lives in fear of getting sick.  When the history books are written, this law will prove to be a turning point that pointed our nation towards a more compassionate America, a country that no longer only took care of the privileged, but rather took care of all of its people. Republican or Democrat, if you’re American, you should want to take care of your brother and your sister.

It has been…

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