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How-to Wear Purple Eye Makeup: The Everyday Eye

Published September 5, 2012 by leaveittogossip


Check out the video here.

Shop the Purple Eye Makeup Everyday Eye look at Sephora (http://seph.me/PiGMSB) – Sephora Pro Artist Sara Biria shows you how to get the Nouveau Purple Everyday Eye look.
Step 1: Using the Sephora + Pantone Universe Alchemy of Color Shadow Palette, brush the lightest shade of purple over lids and lower lash lines using small, feathered strokes.
Step 2: Blend the medium shade of purple into crease and up toward the browbones.
Step 3: Wiggle liner between top lashes then smudge the darkest shadow along the upper lash lines.
Step 4: Sweep the bronze shade over creases.

Hey Gossipers!

Published August 28, 2012 by leaveittogossip

Sorry I haven’t been posting up lately. As you know Miami got hit by a Hurricane Isaac this past weekend. I didn’t have a chance to update yesterday so I hope everyone is doing alright. Please pray for New Orleans!

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Check out the ring I wore today at work. It’s from the store Steps New York. The store had a great offer of by one & get one free.


This ring I wore last week at work. It’s also from Steps New York. Behind is an MK bag I got at Marshalls. I’ve been using it this summer. I’ll post a picture of it soon.


This purse I got last week in the mail from Dulce Candy. Fellow bloggers I suggest you follow her. She’s up to date with make-up, fashion, etc. Her online store is here. She just started with this. It’s amazing! Plus who doesn’t love skulls?


 Check out this beautiful dress from Mango that I saw in facebook. Have any of you bought from that store? Please let me know. It’s a very pretty dress for Fall/Winter.


I also like this one that Kate Moss is wearing. They’re saying that green is the color this season.

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Pre-Fall Colors Nail Polish

Published August 3, 2012 by leaveittogossip


Seasons in between seasons are often the best. Pre-fall is great because you get a chance to mix the brightness of summer with the moody trend tones of fall. Today we’re showing you the majority of the colors we’ll be using in our upcoming mani tutorials. We always like to give you a lil preview so you can stock up and get your nail art kit ready to go. A couple of them might be a little hard to find, depending on where you are, but you can always get something similar at your local beauty supply…

 The Beauty Department